5 tips to styling the most casual look this fall.


It might sound like an oxymoron, but “accessorizing a minimalist casual outfit” is totally possible with the right pieces. The low-key fashionista this fall feels more herself wearing a couple gold bangles or watch, a go-to gold necklace and an oversized coat. If your style is minimal effort and you still like to make your look a statement through accessorizing, your style is effortless chic. Nearly all of your wardrobe staples are versatile pieces. These key accessories are In rotation this fall. 



  1. A plane T or grey top and adding a touch of gold. Layering is another secret to pulling off a super low key staple. A minimalists wardrobe has numerous amounts of basic go to tops. These can be worn in a 100 different ways with every occasion. 
  2. Invest in both an oversized coat and a large mens vintage blazer. Your boyfriends blazer is just fine. The bigger the blazer, the smaller you look. It has a way of empowering a basic comfy look. Shoulder pads really bring out the polished touch and adds structure to your overall look. Chokers are absolutely perfect for this look and especially over a basic turtleneck.
  3. The perfect Hoop. These never get old, and if they are already your go to, a Smaller hoop that has a bold feel will work. Quick tip: a slick back low bun always add balance with hoops. It accentuates the structure and commands the room. 
  4. A bold go to handbag that can be worn as an oversized clutch or shoulder with straps. It’s easy for different colors depending on your mood that day, so invest In things that don’t cause a distraction to your eye. It should be paired with anything. Also It will never go out of style. 
  5. Add a pop of color or patter to your feet or waist. This typically helps complete a effortless look. 
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