Motherhood With Ryan Bradford

Nicole de la Hoz

How Ryan Bradford finds time to balance everything? 

This Mother's day is for the moms!!


We want to highlight Ryan Bradford of Bradford Botanical, partner Jennifer Bradford and their son Carter. We are so honored Ryan has taken time out to answer a few questions about balancing being and entrepreneur, Partner, and Mom. 


Q. How do you find time to balance everything? Being a Mom, Partner, Entrepreneur, plus all of the projects your take on outside of your shop!

Full transparency this has been a challenge for me since I started this business. I’m by no means a pro at balancing everything but I’m determined to be better each day. The biggest thing that has helped me balance everything is prioritization. Family comes first always and everything else falls in line based on priority. As I grow more as an entrepreneur I’ve learned that I can’t commit to everything and that’s ok. Taking care of my obligations for the business needs is important and committing only to the things that bring me joy. 

Q. You’ve got a few balls in the air; but in the spirit of Mother’s Day let’s start with the ‘mom’ ball. How do you keep it fun for Carter in between everything else you’ve got going on / do you have any creative ideas you can share with us??

 Carter keeps me on my toes! At two and a half he’s a ball of energy so it’s important to keep him busy and stimulated. At this age he’s like a sponge and he’s curious about everything so I try and make everything an adventure of some kind. A simple walk on the trail to scope out bugs or taking him with me to local nurseries to pick out flowers and plants can be an adventure. Sometimes I’m on a time crunch but I always try and practice patience and give him time to explore to see what he’s naturally drawn to. One of my fave activities with him is painting or watering the plants in our garden. He loves water and playing with the water-hose. Sounds pretty basic but it’s the simple things for a two year old. Anything that allows him to get messy and explore is what he enjoys and it brings me joy to see him do just that.


Q. What is the biggest lesson Carter has taught you?

 Learning to be present! Sometimes I get caught up focusing on getting ready for the next thing that I don’t enjoy the moment that I’m in. Its like when he was an infant I couldn’t wait for him to start walking and now that he’s running I wish I could go back and relive those moments when he was small enough to hold with one hand. Now I make more of a conscious effort to express my gratitude anytime I can for the present moment because I know that moment won’t last forever. 


Q. What’s the best piece of advice you have received and how does it translate to your life today? 

A good friend told me when you stay in your own lane, there won’t be any traffic. I have to remind myself of this advice often because Its a reminder to let go of the fear and doubt that seems to creep in from time to time when I focus on things out of my control or what the next person is doing.  Its so easy to lose sight of who you are as an individual when your focused on what people think of you or trying to live up to the unrealistic standards of society and social media. Life is about living on your own terms and doing what makes you happy and whole. 


Q. How can people connect with you?

 Social Media  or in person at my Shop. I’m a social being and I especially love connecting with people in person especially if it involves plants or music. 


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