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To initiate this we are asking our goddesses these important questions - What does it mean for you to stand in your truth? What are your rituals to move through the ebb and flow during the new moon?


Send us your answer by clicking the link below, comment in the in our blog your answer, follow us on Instagram @knaturethelabel and tag two friends in the comment section on the newest post.  

The winner will be announced and notified via the NEW MOON email and social media 8/7.


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  • Posted by Mariam Al Sayed on

    Standing in my truth is being aligned with my authentic self and living out of a place of value and pure intention.
    My rituals right now is practicing my deep breathing, setting intentions for my day and giving gratitude for everything, the “good,” and “bad” because I trust that everything is working itself out for my growth and wellbeing.

  • Posted by s eltayeb on

    It means not holding myself to the impossible standard of always being right and speaking the truth but instead knowing that just being honest with myself at least is the best way I can stand in my own truth. My biggest ritual is telling myself that highs and lows come and go and I will never be stuck in any one phase of my life, regardless of if I believe that in the moment and know it to be true or not.

  • Posted by Keturah on

    Standing In my truth for me, means being authentically who I am and remaining firmly planted in that truth regardless of the consequences. Ultimately if that doesn’t happen you compromise an integral part of yourself! While some people won’t appreciate it , that is irrelevant because outside Opinions do not matter when it comes to knowing your truth and what that means to you.
    My rituals during this new moon have been yoga, meditation and roller skating! These practices have grounded me and kept me centred. They are a way for me to give back to my body not only physically but mentally as well.

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