New Moon in LEO

Nicole de la Hoz

Written by: Martou @Martoutouuu


New Moon in Leo has arrived

to tell us to let our inner lions and lionesses roar. This passionate Leo season blesses us with a boost of confidence energy and the desire to be seen, and there will be themes around this that may surface from childhood. What and who did you want to be when you were little? What has happened along the way to discourage you from that? When did you stop sharing your gifts and talents with the world, and/or why haven’t you ever? What do you need to feel supported?
This powerful Lion’s Gate New Moon is all about finding the courage to tap into our unique talents and manifest the opportunities that allow us to showcase them. Now is not the time to be shy with our desires, as the Sun rules Leo and it dims for NO ONE!

We are so blessed to be able to experience such a magical alignment with this New Moon coinciding with the opening of the Lions Gate with rising of the star Sirius, signifying a special time for creation, fertility and abundance. It also falls on 8/8 which in numerology is a master number who carries the energies of 8 times 11, 4 times 22, and 7, all vibrating to the frequency of infinite balance, business, structure, entrepreneurship, intuition, introspection and integrity.

The message to dive into ourselves and truest passions and create the life of our dreams could not be any clearer, however we must let go of what no longer serves us, and discipline ourselves to TAKE ACTION!

While the overall energetic theme of this moon will bring much reward to those of us who use this clean slate and its energies to manifest, some signs may be aspected by the current planetary alignments and will be affected differently. Do not be alarmed! There is opportunity for all of us to embrace something new, and we have the energetic alignment of the Lions Gate Portal to support us. 

Using the New Moon in Leo and Lions Gate Portal to Manifest

- Set your intentions and action them
- Embrace the Sun and revel in its warmth through sun gazing, sunbathing, or walking meditation outdoors.
- Incorporate Red, Orange, Yellows or Golds into your space, or your attire. Visualize these colors while you mediate or eat foods of these shades.
- Leo rules the heart and spine. This is a nice time to do practice some heart opening exercises and yoga for the spine
- Have fun! Let your inner child out to play
- The Lions Gate portal is on August 8 (check your local time zones for the exact time), so anything done on this day will be amplified. Do know that this energy will carry for a couple weeks, so it would be beneficial to start a new practice or routine, build a vision board, plan for this moon cycle, or commit to a fast to expedite your manifestations

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