9 Tips to make a Bath Even More Healing

Nicole de la Hoz

Water has remarkable spiritual and healing properties. It is made up of negative ions and when we come into contact with negative ions, we naturally experience reduced stress, a heightened sense of bliss and increased energy.

Water also represents the unconscious mind and emotions. Just the sound of running water can promote a meditative state. This relaxed state can open you to great insight into your own unconscious.

Candice Teresa Neaves ( @yoga_girl_hawaii ) put together a magical list of 9 Ways to make a bath even more healing

1. Sprinkle a few cups of Epsom Salts inside to support detoxification and help your muscles relax.

2. Bring your favorite crystal into the bath with you! Adding a rose quartz crystal has soothing effects to bring balance to the feminine nature, open the heart and deepen in ability to love ones self and have compassion for self and others.

3. Submerge your ears underwater and count as you take 33 long, slow breaths in and out. Notice how your body feels. Allow any stress to dissipate on the exhale breath.

4. Listen to a soothing playlist and let the music melt your body, mind and soul. I recently added a few to my Spotify! Search “Candice Teresa Neaves”

5. Add an organic, chemical free bubble bath while your bath fills and luxuriate in the sound and feel of delicate bubbles popping on your skin. Lately I’m loving Babo Botanicals Moisturizing Baby Bubble Bath & Wash with Comforting Oatmilk & Calendula.

6. Better yet, put 2-3 cups of organic oats in a drawstring cloth bag and hang in your bath to make your skin feel super silky and delicious. Plastic free option.
7. Add a few drops of lavender, geranium or rose oil for aromatherapy bliss and ultimate stress relief.
8. Close your eyes and meditate on what you’re grateful, what you’re letting go of and what you’re welcoming in to your life.

9. Light a candle or lots of candles and drop flower petals into your bath. Focus on the mantra: I am a divine expression of love. Enjoy the feeling of being love as you pour it within yourself.


Below is a guided meditation by Candice Teresa Neaves