Gypsy By Knature

  • Full Moon in Scorpio

    Since this moon is in intimate-depths-of-your-soul Scorpio, think of this post as an intuitive love letter from Me to your Highest Self. And being that there are 4 planets in super earthly embodied and visceral Taurus, it will be less of a conventional astro report and more a meditative reading exercise. Read out loud slowly if possible. There will be various moments where I ask you to pause and sit with the words, and the breath. I implore you to take as much space as you need in order to do so. 

    Think of creativity as the rhythm of a song. 

    One day we may be on full blast with high energy and ideas flowing out of us, and the next may be a quiet and recluse.

    Resistance is defined as an act of opposition and or duality. It is avoiding the natural flow, or pretending that what is happening or what you are being pulled to is not real. This is a life flow of a creative.