Behind The Brand


Join Founder, Anishka Boozer, as she travels deep into the ‘knature’ of sacred feminine power. Anishka taps into the rise of the divine feminine for inspiration in creating her pieces. Each piece carries the weight of her mystic-energy, so that her tribe can feel empowered, wild, and free.

“Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before her, and all those who come after.”
Gypsy by Knature is designed for the woman who commands the room with her personal style, yet remains forever elusive. GBK is an everyday statement of traditional meets modernity, mixing of metals, and refusing to follow trends. We, as a tribe, are protectors of culture by wearing symbols and adornments that remind us of our spiritual ties and ancestral roots. 


 The Meaning of ‘Knature’

Anishka coined the term ‘Knature’ as a way to express an innate knowing of the natural world; which includes all plants, animals, landscapes, and products of the earth. By combining the words ‘knowledge’ and ‘nature’, she feels at home in a word that describes her brand. 

“Conscious business is the future.”

GBK is a sustainable supplier, meaning that everything from production to packaging has Mama-Gaia in mind. Anishka carefully selects compostable materials for her packaging, often turning to linen and other organic materials, to create pouches that her tribe can reuse time-after-time. She’s been tirelessly educating herself on sustainability, and has found recycled metals to be a cost-effective solution for her tribe to shop guilt-free.