Jewelry Care Tips

General GBK Jewelry Tips

To keep your Gypsy BK pieces at their best, please give them occasional breaks and store neatly when not in use. Avoid contact with moisture and liquid cosmetics; this includes lotion, sunscreen, and perfume. Pieces that are not solid gold should never be worn in the shower, the pool or the ocean. Also pack pieces carefully for travel - we recommend always storing them in your carry-on luggage.

While Gypsy BK is not responsible for the maintenance of your jewelry, we hope these tips will help keep all of your jewelry - including your Gypsy BK pieces - looking their best. Below are some additional details on caring for your jewelry.

For Vintage Jewelry Collections

All GBK Vintage Collections are labeled "Vintage" and sold an on "as is" basis. This may include natural scratches; Gypsy BK is not responsible for the natural scratches that may form on your jewelry.

For Stainless Steel Jewelry 

Eco-friendly sustainable jewelry. a steel alloy with a minimum of 10.5% chromium content by mass and a maximum of 1.2% carbon by mass. Stainless steels are most notable for their corrosion resistance aka rust-free. Recyclable. 

For Brass Jewelry

Gypsy BK brass jewelry is plated in 14K to 24K yellow gold, 14K rose gold, or silver and rhodium. To ensure the life of brass jewelry, do not expose it to water. Please remove your jewelry while exercising, bathing, and swimming, and avoid.

The high copper content in brass can cause it to darken over time. This is primarily due to a reaction to water and humidity. In humid climates keep the brass in an airtight container or bag with a piece of chalk to absorb moisture. For a bright shine, it is easiest to use a commercial polish like Brasso to restore your piece to its original luster. You can also soak the jewelry in ketchup. The acid in the tomato will help to remove tarnish. Gypsy BK recommends cleaning your plated jewelry using a very slightly damp, soft cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals, or jewelry cleaners, as this will affect the finish. We suggest storing your brass jewelry in the pouch that we provide. We highly recommend following these instructions carefully.