Moonstone Anklet

Can Be Worn As Anklet, Choker, Necklace

Mantra: I give away self doubt, My limiting beliefs, my tears of failure, my critical voice, my past that which no longer serves me.

Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength. it soothes emotional instability and provides calmness. Moon stone enhances intuition and a tangible connection to the magic of the moon. 

 Chakra: Solar Plexus and Third Eye


Raw Moonstone 

24k gold plated vermeil

20" adjustable link

Ethically sourced from India


Care tips for all materials:

• Always remove your jewelry before swimming, bathing, doing household chores or other strenuous activities, exercising or using abrasive cleaners.

• Avoid direct contact with beauty products such as perfume, hairspray, lotions, body oils and other cosmetics while wearing your jewelry.

When wearing this anklet/necklace you feel energetic vibrations that reflect back to your true core

  • $65.00
  • $90.00